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Believe in Yourself Coaches

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

Keys to success & answers coaching questions.

This is Brooke Adair Walters M.C.P.C., a business, marketing, and brand expert and CLCI's Chief Operating & Marketing Officer; I flew solo on Tuesday and decided to just be me. I shared my story, what my keys to success were, how I found life coaching, and demonstrated that I am living proof that life coaching works. The skills we teach are one's that everyone can benefit from, whether you are a coach, a client, a business, a parent, or a human being. If you want to communicate better, be more productive, and get the best results out of yourself or others, you can benefit from one of our 3-day classes.

Join us every week at 1 pm PST/4 PM EST for our CLCI Live Facebook Demos.

Don't miss out on our 3-day life coach classes, it's an education that is beneficial for life, not just for life coaches! Want to learn more click here.

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