We offer two International Coach Federation (ICF) approved  3-day in-person immersive life coach training and certification classes taught by experienced educators who care and a coach family to provide a lifetime of motivation & support on your journey as a Certified Life Coach.


The first our Level 1: Certified Life Coach class is a life coach foundations & skills class that teaches the foundational ins-&-outs of being a life coach, opening & marketing a practice & working with clients in sessions using the life coach model. 

ICF Approved Training

32.8 Accredited Coach Specific Training Hours

Life Coach Certification in 3-Days

Certified Life Coach Manual

Life Coach's Toolbox

In-person Immersive Training

Experienced Educators

Live Coaching Practice Sessions

Experienced Educators Who Care

Small Class Sizes

Step-By-Step Marketing Plan

Guidance in How to Get Paying Clients

A Lifetime of Support

Affordable Cost 

No Prerequisites Needed






Introductions from the students and trainers


What is Life Coaching?


The Theories and Fundamentals of Coaching 


Core Coaching Competencies as identified by the International Coach Federation

  • Intake

  • Determining the client's goals

  • Setting goals

  • Guiding the client in creating a plan

  • Acknowledging the client and holding them accountable

  • Cooperative Communication

  • Identifying and removing blocks and limiting beliefs that keep the client from moving forward

  • How to ask the right questions

  • Managing the "Fixer" in you

  • LCI Code of Ethics

  • Bridging The Gap

  • Follow-up

Peer Coaching-Several throughout the day, in a skill building process


Question and Answer Period



Student check in at 8:30 am

Class ends at 5:30 pm

The Theories and Fundamentals of Coaching continued...


Hands-on Coaching


Applying and using the Core Coaching Skills you have learned and build on what you already know

  • Coach live subjects while being observed by the trainers

  • Coach and be coached, while being guided and mentored by your trainer

  • Feedback from trainers 

  • Observing your instructor informally coaching throughout

Peer Coaching-Several practice sessions and discussions about your learning and experience



Class ends at 5:30 pm

Student check in at 8:30 am

Final Peer Coaching Session

Discussion of experience up to this moment, future learning

Establishing yourself as a life coach



  • Marketing Materials

  • Website

  • Designing a Practice

  • Budgeting 


Building & practicing your elevator pitch

Discussing the dos and dont's of running a

successful practice.




Receive your Certified Professional Life Coach certification from Certified  Life Coach Institute 

Open your Practice



Class ends at 5:30 pm

Student check in at 8:30 am

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