Overview and Purpose

Our website, forum, and classes are intended to be a place for further collaboration, motivation, support, and assistance between students, alumni, staff, and other coaches. This is a civilized place for connecting with other users, coaches and students, learning new skills, sharing feedback and experiences, and finding all the support you need for your life coaching career. By participating in this Community, you are agreeing to the same Terms of Service that apply to certifiedlifecoachinstitute.com, as well as this Code of Conduct.


With this Code of Conduct, we hope to help you understand how best to communicate in the Certified Life Coach Institute Connect, what you can expect from moderators, and what type of actions or content may result in temporary or permanent suspension from Community participation. We will investigate any abuse reports and may moderate public content within the Community that we determine to be in violation of either the Certified Life Coach Institute Terms of Service or this Code of Conduct.


Certified Life Coach Institute students and coaches worldwide bring different perspectives, ideas, and experiences, and range from people who are just beginning to think about becoming a life coach to those who already have successful practices as well as our staff and experienced educators. The purpose of this forum is to serve as a welcoming environment for all the different voices and perspectives while maintaining a safe space where people are free to express themselves. It is meant as another layer of community support, education, and motivation.

Who Must Follow Our Code?

We expect all of our employees, users, facilitators, and coaches to know and follow the Code. Failure to do so can result in disciplinary action, including termination of employment. Moreover, while the Code is specifically written for Certified Life Coach Institute employees and Board members, we expect Certified Life Coach Institute contractors, consultants, and others who may be temporarily assigned to perform work or services for Certified Life Coach Institute to follow the Code in connection with their work for us. Failure of a Certified Life Coach Institute contractor, consultant, or other covered service provider to follow the Code can result in termination of their relationship with Certified Life Coach Institute.

What If I Have a Code-Related Question or Concern?

If you have a question or concern, don’t just sit there. You can contact your manager, your Human Resources representative, or Ethics & Compliance. You can also submit a question or raise a concern of a suspected violation of our Code or any other Certified Life Coach Institute policy through the Ethics & Compliance Helpline. Finally, if you believe a violation of law has occurred, you can always raise that through the Ethics & Compliance helpline or with a government agency.

No Retaliation

Certified Life Coach Institute prohibits retaliation against any worker here at Certified Life Coach Institute who reports or participates in an investigation of a possible violation of our Code, policies, or the law. If you believe you are being retaliated against, please contact Ethics & Compliance.