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Alumni Seat Request


2 seats in all our classes are held for Certified Life Coach Institute graduates to fill for free! 

*Note: Recently graduated students must wait 6 months after graduating before retaking a class.

As an alumnus you may sign up for a class once per 12 months. You may not reschedule this class. 

If an alumnus "no-calls & no shows" for class that alumni will not be allowed to register for an alumni seat for 1 year from the date of the missed class. 

This is so that everyone gets a chance to join us again. 


There are a wealth of benefits to taking our class again and it varies from student to student. We have listed a few possible reasons below:

  • So that you can gain more practice refining your life coach skills

  • As a refresher course

  • To make more contacts

  • To gain new insight and knowledge as you take the course with a new group of students

  • To pick up on anything you may have missed in your previous class

  • To say hello


Please keep the following points in mind before you request an alumni class seat.

  • Because of high demand, you may only sign up for class as an alumnus once every 12 months

  • By signing up you are guaranteeing you will be there. Life happens but please tell us 24 hours before class if you cannot attend

  • If you cannot attend you cannot reschedule a new alumni class for a minimum of 12 months

  • If you "no-call, no-show" for class we may choose to revoke your alumni attendance privileges indefinitely. This is because we turn away other alumni and paying students so that you may have the opportunity to attend. We ask that you  be accountable for registering, communicating, and attending.

  • We cannot guarantee an alumni seat.

  • Seats are given on a first-come, first serve basis

  • We will need to verify your alumni status before we can give you a seat. 

  • Thank you for wanting to learn from us again

  • Bring the course materials with you to class (book, homework, etc)


Fill out the form, be sure you know both the date of the class you are requesting to attend and also the date and location of the class you graduated from (for verification purposes). 



Ready to register. Please provide your name check the box below if you understand the registration terms as explained above. If you have any questions please email or call (714) 609-6370

If you aren't redirected please click here or copy and paste the following link into your URL bar.

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