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Date Change Request Info


Date Change Requests:

You must agree to the terms below and the form on the next page to request a class date change.

If your class is shown on the list that means there is an available seat in the class, if it is not then the class is full. If you cannot find a date that works for you, you can choose to put your registration “on hold for a future class date”. Registrations may only be placed on hold for 1 year past the original class date. After 1 year has passed, all payments are forfeited and a new registration must be completed to attend class.

*We accommodate a ONE-TIME-ONLY COMPLIMENTARY date change request. Please note while payment may be deferred there are NO REFUNDS given once a date change request has been granted. Date change requests may be granted so long as there is space available in the requested class.

CLCI requires a 1-week (7 day) notice prior to the class start date to make the complimentary change. There is a $100 reschedule fee for any date change request that either:


  • Is not your first date change, or

  • Falls within 7 days of your class


Rescheduling both classes for a Prepaid Package Deal on one form will only count as a single request for the purposes of determining eligibility for the complimentary date change.


If you have selected the register now pay later option, you may request a date change; if granted there will be NO REFUNDS. Payment may be deferred ONE TIME ONLY to the requested class date so long as the request is made prior to the ORIGINAL 3-week payment deadline. All payments will be collected 3-weeks prior to the new class date without exception. ​


*Students must meet all of the above requirements in order to be eligible


You may call or text (714) 609-6370 or email 

Please provide your name check the box below if you understand the date change terms as explained above. If you have any questions please email or call 714-609-6370

If you aren't redirected please click here or copy and paste the following link into your URL bar.

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