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Life Coach Business

How long does it take to get started in my business after graduation from Level 1?

Upon completion of your Level 1 class, you will be able to start your coaching business right away. When you graduate from Level 1 you will be a Certified Life Coach™ and prepared to begin your business. We encourage you to start your business right away!

How much do life coaches charge for their services?

The average earned is approximately $150 per hour and nothing less than $80 per hour; executive coaches earn $250 to $500 per hour.

Do I need an office to practice coaching?

No. You can coach over the phone, teleremotely using apps like zoom, or in a safe and quiet public setting or professional home office. We go over the many ways to see your clients without leasing an office during class.

After I become a life coach, how do I get clients?

Becoming certified as a life coach doesn't mean much if you don't know how to get clients. That's why we spend a large block of time covering how to get clients and market your practice. Remember, it's up to you to promote your business and it should be part of your daily routine. You will get out of it what you put into it. Don't be afraid to get out there, be confident, and sell yourself and your new coaching skillset.

Do I need to have a college degree to be a life coach?

While many coaches do have a college degrees, it is not required to practice professional life coaching. The most valuable education will come from coaching experience as being a coach is a lifelong learning process. We provide the necessary education to get you started and will support you as an alumni.

When do I get the actual certificate?

Immediately after completion of the course you will be emailed a signed letter of completion. In addition, you have the option to order a printed certificate FREE OF CHARGE. Certificates usually take 10-15 business days to arrive.


How can you teach me life coaching in just 3 days?

This is an intensive 3 day class with no more than 24 students. virtual class times occur at: West Coast: 7:00 am to 3:30 pm Mountain: 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Central: 9:00 am to 5:30 pm East Coast:10:00 am to 6:30 pm with only one break for lunch and a short break in the morning and afternoon. We get down to business with step-by-step lessons covering the ICF coaching model and other essential tools & techniques. In our 3-day classes you will begin to practice coaching right away in peer-to-peer sessions under the guidance of our facilitators. We have been refining our life coach training, lessons, and techniques for over a decade and while in class/throughout the weekend you will be living, eating, breathing, and practicing life coaching so that you can graduate with the training, skillset, and certification you need to confidentally begin your life coach practice.

What kind of support will I get after graduation?

Help is only a phone call away! We have an open door policy for all of our students. We encourage you to call us anytime for support and guidance as you open your practice. We also have a facebook group for alumni to work with one another. All of our students get a life time membership to Life Coaching Today at no charge. We have live life coaching demos to demonstrate the tools and techniques taught in class. We also have partnered with Cunning.Marketing for marketing, business building demos, blogs, and Facebook Lives. Who could be joining us as a guest. Our alumni can retake our classes at no charge anytime they wish. We have our Connect Forum & Toolbox for all of our graduates which provides helpful forms, exercises, and worksheets. All of our manuals contain a step-by-step marketing plan. And we have the Level 2: Master Certified Life Coach class to help you continue to develop your tools and refine your craft. We also cover and assist with the requirements for ICF if anyone wishes to continue their education after level 1. Lastly we are developing a Level 1.5: Mentor Coaching Program that will help get level 1 & 2 graduates group mentor coaching and one-on-one mentor coaching hours and feedback.

Why is it important to us that our graduates get the best training possible?

We know that life coaches have a direct effect on the lives of their clients and thus we ensure each of our students recieve the best possible training. A good life coach will guide and suggest; a great life coach will challenge their clients to go beyond their comfort zone, remove roadblocks such as fear, procrastination, perfectionism, and hold their clients accountable for remaining on the path to success. A great life coach can make a lifelong positive impact in the lives of their clients.

What will the classes be like?

All of our classes are 3-day, Friday-Sunday or Tuesday-Thursday, in-depth accredited life coach training experiences. You will have to prep for class and will recieve a packet when you sign up that will walk you through class-prep exercises. When you arrive you will check in, turn in the forms you need to and from there we begin. Here's a secret, you will begin life coaching within the first few couple hours of class. The classes are comprised of a skill-building hands-on process while incorporating core-competency and the Code of Ethics. The many people that attend our course tell us it is life changing for them personally. On the last day, after our final expression of skill building in the coaching model, we get "into" marketing and discussing who you will be or could be and who you are thinking of targeting, down to the nuts and bolts of the business. By the end of class you will recieve your life coaching certificate and graduate as with a ICF accredited life coach certification.

Are there any tests?

No we do not test our students. So long as you are able to demonstrate throughout the class in your peer-to-peer life coaching sessions that you have an understanding of the ICF core competencies and coaching model, you will be awarded a certification at the end of class. If you are struggling to grasp the ICF coaching model by the end of day 3, we will NOT fail you. You will simply be asked at NO CHARGE that you return to another class to take the training a 2nd time. (This is a rare occurence, we have been refining our craft and sharpening our teaching tools for over a decade and our facilitators are attentive, caring, and take the education of their students personally, so they will do all they can to ensure everyone is able to demonstrate the ICF core competencies by the end of class).

Who teaches the class?

All of our facilitators are successful practicing life coaches who hold a minimum accreditation of A.C.C. (Associate Coach Credential) through ICF, and all of them hold additional credentials as well. They are also thoroughly trained in the accredited curriculum and were hand picked for their ability to teach, lead, support, motivate, and empathize. Though each teacher brings their own personality to the class, they are all teaching the same curriculum which ensures all of our students receive the same amazing education. Currently we have Daniel Olexa and Ray Carmen as our facilitators. With a combined 40 years of helping and healing people, they bring a wealth of expertise to the arena of life coaching. Their goal is to bring your coaching to people who need help and ensure you succeed.

Do you get a book or manual?

Yes you do! You will recieve as a part of the class your very own eBook of our class manuals which are a minimum of 220 pages depending on the class that include digital copies of all the tools in our life coach toolbox including life coach contracts, client questionnaires, a marketing plan and more. You will also have the option to purchase a hardcopy of the textbook for your personal use.

Do we learn anything else in addition to life coaching?

Yes! At CLCI, you not only get life changing teachings from our amazing instructor, we also highlight marketing and starting your own life coaching business. While learning how to life coach is the backbone of your education, we understand that our new graduates intend on running actual businesses. And to be a successful business owner you will learn how to brand yourself and your services, how to use marketing tools, how to identify your client audience and niche, and so much more!


Do I have to renew my certification?

No. There is no need to accumulate CEU's to maintane your certification. ​We love your thirst for knowledge and have many additional methods to help with further learning.

Is my certification good in any state?

Your certification is good worldwide! We have students attend our class from many countries in the world.

What do ICF certified life coaches do?

Our life coaches make a real and measurable differences in our client's lives by asking the right questions, helping our clients identify their goals, making a possible and practical plan to achieve them, and then offering support, guidance, and accountability as they move toward success.
Client by client, our life coaches help their clients improve their lives, relationships, business performance, and overall success.

What is the value of joining ICF?

ICF Members receive a multitude of benefits, starting with access to educational research, networking opportunities, and globally recognized credentialing and accreditation services. All of ICF’s endeavors are focused on coaching — from informing the public on how coaching works to conducting industry research. ICF builds, supports, and preserves the integrity of the coaching profession through standards and programs. Membership is not only an investment into a coach’s future, but also an investment into the future of coaching.

What will I be able to call myself after graduation?

After Level 1 Graduation:

  • When you graduate our Level 1, ICF (International Coach Federation) accredited class you will be a Certified Professional Life Coach, and this certification is upheld by ICF.
  • You will be able to call yourself a Certified Life Coach™ or Certified Professional Life Coach. After your name you will be able to write C.L.C. or C.P.C. they are interchangeable and you can use whichever you prefer.
After Level 2 Graduation:
  • You will be able to call yourself a Master Certified Life Coach™ and after your name you will be able to write M.C.L.C.
  • After you graduate our Level 2, ICF (International Coach Federation) accredited class you will be a Master Certified Life Coach, and this certification is upheld by ICF.

Why choose CLCI over other programs?

Certified Life Coach Institute is quick and affordable, yet offers the same if not more educational value. While other schools cost thousands of dollars and can take up to six or more months to recieve just a credential, our prices are friendly and sensible for every budget, offering payment plan options as well. In the course of three rigorous and exciting days, you will emerge with an ICF Life Coaching Certification. You can begin coaching right after graduation.

What is the difference between ACTP and ACSTH?

These are the two most common paths to gain an ICF certification. With ACTP, there's a specific guidline and training provided to the student to recieve an ICF certification. Requirements:

  • A minimum of 100 hours (*70 paid) of coaching experience with at least eight clients following the start of your coach-specific training.
  • At least 25 of these hours must occur within the 24 months prior to submitting the application for the credential.
  • Completion of the Coach Knowledge Assessment (CKA)
ACSTH stands for Accredited Coach Specific Training Hours and allows the student more freedom when choosing training and the option to attend different programs. Requirements:
  • At least 60 hours of coach-specific training through an ACTP or ACSTH program.
  • 10 hours of Mentor Coaching over a minimum of three months to be documented on your online application. Your Mentor Coach must be an ACC who has completed a full cycle of the credential through renewal, PCC, or MCC in good standing.
  • A minimum of 100 hours (70 paid) of coaching experience with at least eight clients following the start of your coach-specific training. At least 25 of these hours must occur within the 24 months prior to submitting the application for the credential.
  • Performance evaluation (audio recording and written transcript of a coach session to be uploaded with your application).
  • Completion of the Coach Knowledge Assessment (CKA).

How do I join ICF?

To be a member of the International Coach Federation you must meet at least one of the following requirements:

  • Hold a current ICF Credential (ACC, PCC, or MCC);
  • Have completed at least 60 hours of coach-specific training that meets ICF standards. (ACSTH); or
  • Be enrolled in 60 hours of coach-specific training in a program that has either the ICF Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) or Approved Coach-Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) distinction. (For new members only.)

Annual membership to the ICF is $245 USD.

Level 1

How much does the Level 1 course cost?

Level 1: Certified Life Coach™ 3-Day, ICF Accredited Certification & Training Class - $995 paid at time of registration. or Enroll now, Pay Later Financing This option is available to all students who register for a class 3 weeks or more in advance. You may choose this option on your registration form. If chosen a non-refundable $295 deposit will be collected at the time of registration. The remaining $700 will be collected at the 3-week payment deadline OR