Our Mission

Updated: Jun 20

We Stand in Support of The Continued Betterment of the World.

We at the Certified Life Coach Institute believe in & support freedom & equality for all, fair justice, positive progress & love. As teachers & coaches the foundation of what we do is based in learning, growth and sharing that knowledge so the minds and worlds of others can expand and new opportunities be discovered & created.

We believe in & empower people to take action and be accountable. We support the preservation of every human being’s right to be free to live the life they choose without fear, prejudice, shame or violence. We have built a business model on the cornerstones of empathy, positivism, acceptance & shared wisdom. It is in our shared wisdom that hope for change and a better world can be found.

We at Certified Life Coach Institute have hope for a better future, and we will always support the ones who are brave enough, bold enough, crazy enough and strong enough to create that change.

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Certifying Successful Coaches Since 2009

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Formerly Located at: 3001 Red Hill Ave, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

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