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Certified Life Coach Institute Chosen as One of the Best Coaching Programs for 2023

Want to know how we did it? When speed meets efficiency, professionalism, and focus, you get an award-winning education that trains coaches at the highest levels.

Certified Life Coach Institute made the list again! Very Well Mind has chosen CLCI as one of The 7 Best Life Coach Certification Programs of 2023. We are honored and grateful to stand among the best and we desire to be an institution that our alumni and prospective students can be proud to say they have attended; out of the hundreds of potential certification programs, we and six others stand out above the rest in our dedication to education and coaching.

What Makes CLCI Different

What makes Certified Life Coach Institute's training so remarkable among other life coach programs is that our classes take only three days at an exceptionally low cost. Don’t be fooled though, our courses are rigorous and demand the full attention of prospective students who will receive the highest quality training.


What are your classes?

Our Coaching 101 and Coaching 102 classes are an intensive coaching experience that focuses on high performance, interactivity, and the ICF core competencies. Those who graduate from our classes become Certified Life Coaches and Master Certified Life Coaches with a cumulative 65.8 ICF contact learning hours.

Who is the ICF?

What is certification?

How long does certification take?

How much do classes cost?

Want to get certified in 3-days?


And a big thanks to our Alumni!

Thank you for helping Certified Life Coach Institute become one of the best life coach programs in the world! The exceptional coaching you give and your dedication to ethical coaching reflects back on us and we couldn't have been the institution we are today without your word of mouth, reviews, and support.

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