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"Why aren't people converting?"

"What's my next step?"

"I don't know if this looks or sounds ok."

Are you feeling

frustrated or uncertain?

Get feedback from our expert in brand, marketing and business strategy?

You want to succeed. You want to take the right steps and find paying clients. You don't want to fail. Or perhaps you have already begun and you want better results and feedback. 



Set up a strategy session with our brand, business, design and marketing expert. Brooke Adair Walters, MCPC, has over 20 years of experience working in the design, brand, marketing and business building space, and has also studied disruptive business strategy at Harvard Business School. 

You would be surprised how much we can do in 30 minutes. 


Create a working marketing plan

Figure out your ideal client & niche

Analyze your SEO and searchability

Develop your brand strategy

Create a working social media plan

Plan your website build & next steps

Review your marketing, brand, copy, pricing,  social media, SEO, website

Create copy that gets you clients

Give you the confidence and insight you need to start, grow and nurture your coaching business

How does it work?


Just click the link below to schedule a meeting

You will get 30 minutes alone with experts who build and design websites and brands,  are SEO experts, write professionally, are social media and marketing gurus, own and operate successful and thriving businesses, build start-up businesses, are award-winning content creators and

brand, market & partner with successful coaches.

This special $99 offer is made only to CLCI alumni

from Cunning Marketing LLC


30 minute



Sessions are paid in advance  and contracted with Brooke Adair Walters/Cunning Marketing a partner of CLCI


One-on-One Marketing & Business Help
for CLCI Alumni

Marketing Meeting
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