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Coaches, Turn Opportunity into a Catalyst

A match, ready to ignite.
Opportunities, like matches, can be the first step to a chain reaction

Opportunity is an unrealized potential. Opportunity becomes a catalyst when its used to its maximum effect.

A habit that most business owners and entrepreneurs have, including coaches, is looking for that next business opportunity. Anticipating the potentials that constantly surround us.

The next trend, that unmet need, the unexpected windfall, that happenstance where you are thrust into the limelight. All of these a examples of opportunity.

The recent pandemic was an opportunity for a variety of things but was the catalyst of exponential growth for very few things. Take Zoom for example, would it have been as successful as it is now if the pandemic was not used as the catalyst for growth?

If opportunity is like a single match, waiting to be struck, it becomes a catalyst when its used to start an inferno. When that potential energy starts a chain reaction of events that is far greater than the thing that started it all.

Here's a question for Coaches

What would you do if you had the opportunity to group coach 80 people as soon as you were accredited?



So do you take that opportunity, coach those 80 people over the course of 6 months, and at the end say "that was fun...uhhhhhhhh....what next?"

It's one thing to miss an opportunity. It's another thing to completely waste it.

And as it turns out, this wasn't just a hypothetical question for Julie Allyson, a recently graduated Master Certified Life Coach and owner of Catalyst Life Coaching.

Putting our jealousy aside, Brooke Adair Walters (M.C.P.C.), Jerome LeDuff Jr (M.C.L.C.), and Anthony Lopez (M.C.L.C), sit down with Julie and ask her...

How Can You Use That Opportunity to Fuel Your Business?

Where does this all Lead To?

Time and time again we coaches ask our clients to set their intention so the goals easily follow. Should us coaches be any different?

Julie's intention, and ours in the broader sense, is how can we turn opportunity into a catalyst for growth?

Now that the intention has been set, we can start to think of goals and the strategies used to achieve these goals.

As you watched our CLCI Live did you take note of some of Julie's goals?

  • Getting client information

  • Having the clients walk away with her info

  • Knock the opportunity and class out of the park

  • Exhibit coaching in the sessions

  • Set up photo/video release forms

  • Gather photo and video media for further promotion

  • Reach out to other CEO's for speaking opportunities

  • Creating a pitch deck for other speaking events

From here on out, we at CLCI Live want you to think and dive deeper into the opportunities that come up in your life and business and ask...

  • How can this be a catalyst for further growth?

  • How does this lead to my intention?

  • What goals can I set to make the most of my opportunity?

And if you have trouble with this...Get a coach! We should know better than anyone else that coaching leads to growth, both materially and mentally.

Thank you,

Julie Allyson of Catalyst Life Coaching

Brooke Adair Walters, Jerome LeDuff Jr., and Anthony Lopez

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