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The Keys to Success From a 5-star Rated Coach

Updated: May 11, 2021

An interview with John Weiman, a CLCI alumni and successful relationship/marriage coach, where we discuss how he went from a CLCI graduate to the #1 coach relationship coach on Thumbtack & one of the top 3 Marriage coaches in Maryland.

Today Lisa Finck (C.P.C., A.C.C.), Brooke Adair Walters (M.C.L.C., C.P.C), and Jerome LeDuff Jr (M.C.L.C.) talk with the owner of Life Bridge Coaching, John Weiman. John is one of CLCI's June 2014 alumni and has been voted one of the 3 best marriage coaches in Baltimore, Md; has 164 5-star reviews on Thumbtack, has been called a "Miracle Man", and has helped over 4,000 couples.

John shares with us about his success and life since graduating CLCI . In this wonderful interview, he shares his wisdom and his personal story of how he decided to be a relationship/marriage coach and where his coaching journey has taken him.

John is living proof that no matter the circumstance we can overcome every personal tragedy with enough perseverance, passion, and hard work. But success doesn't happen instantly; for both John and his client's, prosperity and growth occur with hard work, every day over long periods of time. One of the most important factors that has lead to him having his practice prosper is that he developed a unique style of coaching where the session goal is to "end the session better than it began", no matter how long the session may go for.

Most life coaches follow an hour-long coaching model where efficiency and quantity of clients and sessions are highly desirable or a model where clients are charged per hour. John Weiman does away with that and only charges per session, where a solid foundation for couples can be laid in a 3-5 hour-long session. He also has open communication for clients throughout the week so that they can check-in when necessary. The key takeaway for new coaches is to build trust with clients, have passion, and be valuable. As John says in his interview, "If I'm going to ask my couples to be authentic and honest, then I should be". When clients know they are working with a passionate, valuable, and honest life coach they will be rewarded with success, just take a look at John's #1 rating on Thumbtack.

Throughout our interview, we discuss a variety of questions, ranging from:

  • What are the most common questions clients ask?

  • What advice does he have for success?

  • Why he shares his personal story?

  • How he found his first clients?

  • What brought him to couples coaching?

  • How he manages his coaching style?

  • What to do when couples aren't putting in the work?

  • And so much more!

When asked about one of the most important pieces of advice he's ever received, John remembers something his mother, Jean Brinkworth, told him before her passing:

"As soon as they walk out the door you have to leave it at the door"

By this, she means that its important to separate professional coaching from your own personal life. The stories you will encounter in your coaching career are powerful and the effect we have on the lives of our clients can work both ways and can echo throughout time. As one of John's former clients said to him:

"John, you don't change lives, you change generations"

Thank you,

John Weiman, Lisa Finck, Brooke Adair Walters, and Jerome LeDuff Jr.

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