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Lunch & Learn: A CLCI Mid-Class Special

Updated: May 11, 2021

Sunday at CLCI we started our very first of many Sunday Live Lunch & Learns. Join us as we interact and answer questions with our Level 2 Master Certified Life Coach students.

Today Brooke Adair Walters (M.C.L.C., C.P.C), Jerome LeDuff Jr (M.C.L.C.), and Daniel Olexa (P.C.C., C.C.H.T., M.C.L.C) drop in with our Level 2 students who kindly volunteered their lunch to ask questions related to marketing and social media.

Brooke and Jerome offer their expert advice on complicated topics such as:

  • The best way to get into the business

  • How to best utilize social media

  • How to build great webpages

  • Group coaching

If this video energized you and you are curious to learn more about our Level 2 Master Certified Life Coach course, check out a preview of the in-depth topics and subjects you will learn about and sign up today!

Thank you,

All of our Level 2 students, Brooke Adair Walters, Jerome LeDuff Jr., and Daniel Olexa

Join us every Tuesday at 4 pm PST/7 PM EST for our CLCI Live Facebook Demos.

Don't miss out on our 3-day life coach classes, it's an education that is beneficial for life, not just for life coaches! Want to learn more click here.

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