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Managing Your Fixer

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

Coaches don't give advice, ironically, here's some advice from coaches on why we don't & how to facilitate coaching. #lifecoach #certifiedlifecoachinstitute

Last Tuesday on CLCI's Demo, Lisa Finck A.C.C., Rae Carmen A.C.C., Brooke Adair Walters M.C.P.C., and Jerome LeDuff Jr M.C.L.C. discussed why coaches don't give advice and gave helpful tools to help manage your fixer in the moment. Lead Facilitator Rae was kind enough to show us how the phrase, "Tell me more...", can come in handy in almost any situation and share the tools she uses to keep coaching and not giving advice!

Watch CLCI's Demos on Facebook Live every Tuesday at 1pm! Just follow @thecertifiedlifecoachinstitute on Facebook to be alerted when our lives begin!

And make sure you register for class before they fill-up! See you there!

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