Life Coach Demos 2020 Have Begun!!!

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Watch as our facilitators coach students on Facebook Live & see why life coaching works!

Life coach training is something that is beneficial to ALL people, not just coaches. How do we intend to spread the word? Well one way is our life coaching demos.

Watch our Lead Facilitators in action, showing off their skill set & see our successful students learning & thriving. These demos put the tools taught at the Certified Life Coach Institute into action so that you can watch as students breakthrough their blocks & grow on screen in less than one hour!

If you want to see why life coaching is a billion dollar industry that works and is still growing, while also learning how to help people, then check out our Live Life Coaching Demos on Facebook!

On Facebook Live Every Other Tuesday at 1pm PST.

If you want to watch them live, like & follow us on our Facebook page or

Subscribe to the FB event & add it to your calendar!

Check out 2020's Demos Thus Far!

Shown Above

Angel Walker-Smith M.C.L.C. being coached by Michael Jaimes-Torres P.C.C.

Shown Above:

Maxx Angenetta Jones M.C.L.C. being coached by lead facilitator

Daniel Olexa A.C.C., C.C.H.t.

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