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Intention Setting & Why it Matters With Certified Master Level Coaches

Updated: May 11, 2021

What do you want out of this session & How do you know you'll be successful?

These two questions form the backbone of any coaching session and are important for coaches to master if they want to go to the next level. There are a variety of ways to set the intention of the session, but all are a form of asking the client, "What do you want to work on today"?

While it may be tempting as a coach to set the intention of a session yourself, don't!

We want the client to set goals and intentions that matter to them and sometimes the intention might not be what you expect it to be but that's okay, people's goals and desires change as they realize what is and isn't truly important to them.

Today on CLCI LIVE we discuss intention setting with Daniel Olexa, Lisa Finck, Jerome LeDuff Jr., Brooke Adair Walters, and our newly Certified Master Life Coaches and we open the floor to discuss everyone's perspective and the importance of it in the coaching realm.

One great question that was asked was, "What if the client doesn't set an intention?"

Dan's response to this is:

"No Gap. No Coaching"

If the client is in a good spot and there isn't a gap between their goals and where they are now then there is no need for coaching. Some coaches may charge a deposit for booking a certain amount of time and some may not charge at all and schedule for next week but the important part of this is letting the client know that their goals and motivations are entirely self-driven. You are there to help them achieve their goals.

For more on assisting client's set better goals, check out our series on Effective Goal Setting!

During the course of our conversation, our coaches discuss their experience with Level 2 and where they are now with that experience being available to them.

Thank you,

Samuel Gozo, Leslie Danielson, Sue Bowles, Daniel Olexa, Lisa Finck, Jerome LeDuff Jr., and Brooke Adair Walters

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