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Day 5 of #CLCILive Challenge: Marketing Funnels

Updated: May 11, 2021

Today on our 21 day #CLCILive challenge we take a look at how to capture potential clients in our marketing funnel. Watch the video below to find out how to convert curiosity into conversion, leading to profits for your business.

Brooke Adair Walters (M.C.L.C., C.P.C.) and Jerome LeDuff Jr (M.C.L.C), both experts in social media mastery, marketing, and branding, offer valuable insights on questions you may have on how to create and manage a marketing funnel.

They cover topics such as:

  • What are the first and last stops in a marketing funnel?

  • How to give your funnel a structure.

  • How to convert people so they give money to your business and add value.

  • Why you should give a clear call to action.

  • How to collect information and start an email marketing campaign.

  • Killers of marketing: What you may be doing to send people out of the funnel.

When creating your marketing funnel, everything should have the next step included so that the customer knows exactly where to go and how to reach you, in the most direct manner possible!

Here's a challenge to readers!

Try looking through CLCI's posts and landing page and see where you end up. See if you can learn anything from us and apply it to your business!

Thank you,

Brooke Adair Walters and Jerome LeDuff Jr.

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