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Updated: May 11, 2021

We held our first online life coach certification class & the students gave us a gift in return. #onlinelifecoach #lifecoachclasses #lifecoach #becomealifecoachonline

This week Certified Life Coach Institute held it's first-ever 3-day online life coach certification course and our students loved it.

The effects of COVID-19 have been felt globally and while these times cause us anxiety as we sit and wait at home in social isolation it can also be said that in the hardest of times we see the best in people. The faculty and staff at CLCI banded together this last week to expand from in-person to online while everyone is staying safely at home, so that the goals & dreams of the CLCI students didn't have to be placed on hold because just as life doesn't stop, neither do life coaches. In just one week from the decision to create an online course CLCI invited a group of students to join us for the flagship Level 1 online certification class.

CLCI had been determined to recreate the same award-winning class that creates life-long bonds & gives a sense of family & community while training & educating. So 2 Days after the first online class held it's graduation a few of the online students were invited back to pick the brains of their facilitator about opening their coaching businesses and in return the staff of CLCI was able to ask how they felt about the experience of being certified online.

CLCI was more than pleased to help their newest alumni with some amazing life coach marketing & social media questions, share a few stories, but most of all we were thrilled to discover that the online class was a huge success. The students loved the online experience and many of them preferred the online experience because it opened the opportunity to meet like-minded coaches nationwide while providing a sense of safety &  security at home.

CLCI, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, was given a gift from the students of the first online class. CLCI was shown that people will find a way. That the human spirit is far stronger than a virus. Whether quarantined & on a computer, in-person, or in a life coach certification class, we will adapt, connect, keep working toward our goals, staying in motion & supporting one another as we do. Thank you for the time our students took today to share their story and experience and give everyone here at CLCI a smile and some hope during these uncertain times. We are honored to have you join the family.

If you want to watch today's CLCI Facebook Live you can play it above or watch it on our Facebook page by following this link.

Be sure and tune in to CLCI's Facebook Live Demos & Discussion every Tuesday at 1pm @thecertifiedlifecoachinstitute. If you enjoy our Live Streams, please share the knowledge & spread the wealth & most importantly stay safe, stay focused while staying at home.

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