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Certified Life Coach Institute of Orange County Graduate Starts Wellness Group

Updated: May 12, 2021

Life coach & Life Coach Institute of Orange County Alumni, Sharon Bachman is hoping her business will help her clients get aligned with their mind, body and soul.

An Article by Hasani Grayson with the Elko Daily Free Press

Life coach Sharon Bachman is hoping her business will help her clients get aligned with their mind, body, and soul.

Bachman’s Mind, Body, and Soul Support Solutions is a health and wellness group with the aim of helping clients live healthier lives, both physically and spiritually.

Bachman has degrees in human development, business, and liberal arts and received her life coach certificate from the Life Coach Institute of Orange County.

Bachman’s business opened its doors in April after she sold her previous business, Brebeau Kennels, in 2010. Though she has a lot of experience working with animals, Bachman said she enjoys working with people to maximize their potential.

“I just wanted to help people. That’s what makes my life complete,” she said. “I’ve always helped the animals, because we did a lot of rescue work too, but I just decided I wanted to take a shot at helping the people.”

Even though her role as life coach shares some similarities to the role of a therapist, Bachman says her technique for addressing the issues in a client’s life is different than that of a traditional therapist.

“We help people identify the obstacles that they have and help them figure out how to remove the obstacles that are blocking them,” she said. “Therapists tear their mind apart and put it back together and they give them advice. I just believe that everyone has the tools within themselves to master whatever they need to, I just have to help them find it.”

Bachman’s business has been open for two months, but she is already starting to build a clientele. She currently leads two support groups and meets with a few clients on an individual basis.

Bachman said one of the hardest parts of starting a business like hers is getting people comfortable with the notion that they need extra help to overcome the challenges in their lives.

“It’s a hard business to break into. It’s hard for people to say ‘I need help,’” she said. “They do fix their issues themselves when they come see me; I just give them a little support and tell them they can do it. I’m their cheerleader.”

Bachman’s services are not attached to a religious outlook but she does stress spirituality as important part of what she does. She said addressing the spirit of an individual is one of the keys to helping a client lead a happier life.

“I don’t care what religion you are, everybody has to have a spiritual side,” she said. “We help develop that and nurture that in everybody. Once that comes into balance a lot of those obstacles are gone.”

Though she has enjoyed helping others clear the hurdles in their lives, Bachman had to figure out on her own what made her feel content.

Bachman did not have a life coach in her life growing up but she hopes her clients do not feel alone in their search for happiness.

“When I grew up, you were kind of on your own if you had a problem. So I just researched and found what resonated with me,” she said. “I didn’t want other people to have to wait until they were almost 60 years old to find that balance and be able to live happy and healthy.”

“I just wanted to help people. That’s what makes my life complete.” — Sharon Bachman

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