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Best Choice for Life Coach Certification

Updated: May 11, 2021

Life Coaching Today chooses Certified Life Coach Institute as the Best Choice for Life Coach Certification!

Life Coaching Today has chosen the Certified Life Coach Institute as the

Best Choice for Life Coaching Certification!

To celebrate, Life Coaching Today is giving a FREE MEMBERSHIP FOR LIFE to all of our alumni & future graduates! This normally costs $99/year but for our students it is FREE FOR LIFE!

With this membership on Life Coaching Today, you will be able to:

  • Life Coach Website Registration

  • Build your Personal Profile Page and get featured on our online database

  • Access New Prospective Clients Who Reach Out to You DIRECTLY

  • Acquire Peer Life Coaching Resources   - downloadable docs & PDF's​

  • Access all of Our Social Media Marketing Channels

  • Have us market you simultaneously as you self-promote in our closed Facebook group​

  • Access The Coaches Inner Circle where you get webinars and courses to help you with your business 

  • Join our secret Facebook group​

  • Have your Ads Placed in Life Coaching Today Magazine 

  • Get an opportunity to write for the magazine and the blog​

  • Receive a Membership Badge to install on your website. It's Never Been Easier!

Services valued at well over $2,500 free for our students only!


We are thankful for you future students, alumni, and Life Coaching Today

Wishing you a wonderful Holiday! Are you still thinking about getting certified? or Are you alumni who haven't taken Level 2? Don't forget classes are only on sale until the end of December so

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