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Apply Now for the ICF Coach Scholarship Program!

Coach Scholarship Program: Ensuring coaching is made available to underrepresented populations.
Get a full Level 1 education today!

Certified Life Coach Institute is pleased to announce that we are one of several participating organizations in the ICF Foundation 2024 Scholarship Program.

This scholarship program is a collaborative effort between the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Foundation, Coaching Education, Professional Coaches, Credentials & Standards, and accredited educational organizations to offer scholarships for individual coaching education opportunities to ensure that coaching is made available to underrepresented populations, and to increase focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion in coaching.

Scholarship recipients will receive admission to a Level 1 accredited coaching education program, a complementary ICF membership for the length of the scholarship, waived credential application fees, and access to high-quality coaching education and training. All programs are virtual and conducted in English. More information and eligibility criteria can be found here.

Applications are now open and can be found at Scholarships - Our Mission - ICF Foundation (

The deadline to apply is Wednesday, September 27, 5:00PM ET (New York).

Please note that applicants will be matched to one of the participating programs based on fit and there is no guarantee that an applicant will be placed with a particular organization.

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Flores Fred
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