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11 Reasons to Choose the Certified Life Coach Institute.

Updated: May 12, 2021

11 simple reasons why there is just no substitute for the training and certification you will receive when you get certified with our institute

1. We are passionate about training you & training GREAT coaches.

  • We know that life coaches have a direct effect on the lives of their clients and thus we ensure each of our students receive the best possible training. A great life coach can make a life long positive impact in the lives of their clients, training GREAT coaches is our specialty.

2. Our institute is a globally accredited institute!

  • We are proud to be approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF), approved for Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH), & a member of the Association of Coach Training Organizations (ACTO).

3. We are a LIVE class, not online or by telephone.

  • When a life coach is coaching, it is typically done in-person, which is why live classroom training is so important. Our students get hands on experience and practice actual coaching all 3 days of the course with peer-to-peer coaching exercises.

4. Our graduates leave class with an actual professional life coach certification.

  • At the end of our 3-day immersive program our students graduate and are issued a professional life coach certification, educated, and capable of finding clients and beginning their practices.

5. Our staff are all certified, experienced coaches who have their own practices.

  • We carefully select each and every one of our faculty, choosing teachers who have been life coaches themselves and opened practices so that our students get an extensive education in both how to be a life coach and how to open their own practices.

7. We keep our class size very small.

  • Which allows us to provide more one-on-one training and cover all aspects of life coaching. No more than 25 people, 2 of which graduates.

6. We provide our students with guidance and tools to help gain clients.

  • Life coaches can't make money without clients & finding clients is actually the toughest part of coaching. We cover in class how to get clients & provide ongoing support after graduation as our students begin to grow their client base.

8. We provide training & resources in marketing a coaching practice.

  • In class our students will write elevator pitches & also how to market to their practices. We also provide ongoing support and resources to help our graduated market their practices.

8. We provide a complete support system to all of our alumni

  • After graduation our door, email and telephones remain open to all of our alumni so that they may call with any questions as they begin their life coaching practices. We also provide an online connect with a coach forum for students to speak with other alumni, ask for advice, & receive support. Also we have our coaches toolbox which provides alumni with usable resources they can use in their practices.

10. Graduates may attend additional classes at no charge.

  • In addition to our continuing support, our graduates may attend our class again at any time or any city at no charge! There are 2 graduate seats per class, click here for more info!

11. Our graduates love us!

"This is where to go to get life changing skills! I love the instructors and their passion for helping others!!" - Len Moss, Certified Life Coach Institute AlumnI
"My experience was awesome, I've learned so much and I would recommend anyone to this school." - J.T. Taylor Certified Life Coach Institute AlumnI

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