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Updated: May 11, 2021

A Professional Life Coach/Hypnotherapist, best selling author, and CLCI facilitator, Daniel Olexa shares about becoming a life coach and letting his light shine bright for others to see.

A Spotlight on facilitator, Daniel Olexa-Acc, as he gives us an inside look at his journey, sharing his unique insight and experience as he details how he became an award winning hypnotherapist, best-selling author, professional life coach, and loved CLCI lead facilitator.

Dan opens up about his successes and failures throughout the process of applying for his Professional Certified Coaching credential, an International Coach Federation credential that allowed Dan to become a mentor coach at CLCI. Dan also shares valuable advice for anyone who is looking to publish a book and be a best-seller and offers tools and tricks he has learned while navigating the waters of entrepreneurship.

One of the highlights of the live was a moment when Dan shared about how to identify when to “listen deeper” with clients, and how to help them to connect the dots, and references a coaching session with our own Brooke Adair Walters.

Our personal favorite moment with Dan was when he opened up about discovering his purpose and turning his light on so that he can be a beacon for those who hope to do the same.

We want to thank Dan, one of our amazing facilitators, for taking the time to join us and for sharing his story with us! See you next week for another CLCI Live!

Learn more about Dan, his work and his book by clicking here.

Thank you,

Daniel Olexa, Jerome LeDuff Jr., Brooke Adair Walters

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