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Helping New Coaches Tackle Their Fears

Updated: May 11, 2021

Join us as we speak on the topic of facing fears including the financial fears and insecurities that many new coaches are presented with after being certified. We discuss limiting beliefs and ways to move past some of those blocks!

"If you're good at one thing then everybody is going to assume you're good at everything" - Halo Bias

The Prosperous Coach:

"It's hard to, if you're struggling (financially), as a coach to thrive"

Thank you,

Willie Mae Tuggle C.L.C., Leslie Danielson C.L.C., Justine Claxton, Dawna Gonzales-Gonzales C.L.C.

Lisa Finck, Jerome LeDuff Jr., Brooke Adair Walters, Rae Carmen

Join us every week at 1 pm PST/4 PM EST for our CLCI Live Facebook Demos.

Don't miss out on our 3-day life coach classes, it's an education that is beneficial for life, not just for life coaches! Want to learn more click here.

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Verne Pamphile Thomas
Verne Pamphile Thomas

I do believe in myself but At times I always have to tell myself I can do this. There can be a little nervousness at times

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