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ClCI has made an agreement with Brooke Adair Walters at Cunning.Marketing to offer professional marketing mentorship. Mentoring provides professional assistance to life coach business owners who want guidance with website design, brand management, marketing strategy, and content building.

The mentoring agreement is only between the Brooke and the mentee. CLCI is not involved in this agreement beyond offering a reduced rate to students who reach out through the site to connect for this service. We contract with and only endorse our marketing mentors if they have agreed to serve our graduates at this price level. CLCI carefully selects the mentors with whom we endorse.

How does mentoring help?

Guidance from experienced, successful marketing consultants helps in a number of ways:

  1. Understand how to attract more clients to your services

  2. Know how to build effective marketing funnels

  3. Better understand the power of social media

  4. Create invaluable email marketing campaigns

  5. Streamline your time. More time saved is more money earned

  6. Identify blocks and speed bumps for client conversions

  7. Grow your networking skills and generate referrals

How long does mentoring take?

Mentoring is done in 30 minute sessions either virtually or via phonecall.

30 minute one-on-one of Marketing Mentorship $99

Mentorship With Brooke Adair Walters Form
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